Counselling for Teenagers and Children High Wycombe

Counselling for Adults

Individuals may come to counselling or psychotherapy for many different reasons. Perhaps you can connect with one of the statements below:

  • a specific life event such as a loss, a traumatic incident, or a breakdown in a significant relationship has occurred, leaving you feeling unable to cope
  • negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours have built up over months or years, leading to depression or anxiety where it just seems impossible to be happy
  • a traumatic event has manifested for many years and the time has come to face the situation
  • you have no idea why you feel so unhappy, but know it can’t continue

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Teenagers and Children

Do you have a child or teenager that is struggling?

In the last seven years I have worked extensively with children and teenagers in a variety of settings. I have seen how they are faced with an ever growing number of challenges. Sometimes they are just unable to cope with life situations or the dysfunctional thought patterns they experience. Emotions become intense and counselling offers them a space to explore them in a safe environment. I believe early intervention can often alleviate problems thus allowing for a more fulfilling life.

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Eating Disorders

On these pages you will find information on:

  • The different types of Eating Disorders
  • How Eating Disorder therapy works and the recovery process
  • My qualifications
  • Practical information on Fees, Times and Location

It is important to say that Eating Disorder symptoms may overlap, therefore you may need to read more than one section below. For example; you may suffer from Anorexia and also have Bulimic tendencies to purge. There are many potential combinations and once therapy begins a treatment plan will be created specifically for you.

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